Practice Music Using Fun And Engaging Piano Games

Practicing is not just about learning music, it's also about enjoying it. Our app includes variety of gamified exercises on sight-reading, rhythm training, ear training, and music practicing. Gamification of the process is all about encouraging students to have fun and learn music theory in new and exciting ways.



Immediate Feedback
For Faster Improvement

Students can earn points for correct answers, race against clock, and level up. Students instantly see and hear when their answers are correct. When students miss a challenge, we quickly show them how to improve.

Use Your Tablet to Take Your Lessons Anywhere

Energize your students by running sessions from an iPad. Assign homework and gauge understanding all through a students' own tablet device.



Progress Tracking

Our app assesses students' understanding as they practise and generates detailed performance reports to give you valuable insight about your students' improvement. The teachers' dashboard includes data on practice sessions, trouble spots and improvements made overtime.

No Cables Or Wires Needed To Install!

Just place an iPad next to your instrument

Play Along With Today's Most Popular Music

Our repertoire contains some of today's hit songs. Use your piano or the in app keyboard to play along with John Legend, The Beatles, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and More!