Why is Singspiel the best way to practice piano?

Singspiel is the best way to practice piano because it offers a variety of games to challenge musical skills with regards to literacy, rhythm, creativity and composition. Singspiel makes practicing piano fun and easy. Teachers can easily track progress for assessment, identify next steps and reinforcing concepts learned in the music classroom.   

Because exercises regenerate each time they are open, students always have a fresh set of challenges to work on. This is particularly helpful for isolating weaknesses and strengthening individual skills.


Practice Piano With Free Sheet Music 

Our app contains a repertoire of over 100 items of free piano sheet music including all of the classics. Play along with Fur Elise, Hot Cross Buns, Chopin, Bheetoven and many more within SINGSPIEL. 


Practice Piano With Today's Most Popular Songs

Practicing piano becomes fun when you're playing along with your favourite artists. All Singspiel subscriptions include access to today's most popular songs and artists. Play along with John Legend, The Beatles, Demi Lovato, Pharrell Williams and more. 



Each game has a series of levels to challenge students. As you progress, exercises becomes more challenging and introduce more complex concepts.



In the current version we offer READING, PLAYING, RHYTHM, EAR TRAINING and COMPOSITION games. The apps navigation can serve as a Table of Contents, to help locate the appropriate game easily.



A unique feature of SINGSPIEL is the ability for Music educators to track and visualize student progression via the Dashboard. The dashboard will track the rate of success at various skills and quickly detect where a student is struggling - giving the teacher an opportunity to share support early on, create a motivational structure for students, and help with engagement when away from lessons. 

Practice Piano with Singspiel Today 

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