10 Things Only ORIGINAL Guitar Hero Fans Will Understand

When Guitar Hero launched in 2007, it changed the gaming industry AND the music industry forever. This game was something that could bring gaming geeks and music geeks together in a room cheering each other on in a way that had never been done before. “Playing Guitar Hero” was code for party. Here are some things you’ll remember if you were obsessed from the start:

  1. Seeing your friend who is better than you at guitar failing miserably.



That wasn’t super nice of you, but we get it. It was fun to see the cool kids get knocked down a few notches but the gamers.

     2. Cheering On Your Friends When They’re On A Roll

guitar hero south park

You couldn’t help if someone was really nailing those red, green, yellow, blues, and oranges, even if they were beating you. It was a sight to behold.

     3. Arguing Over Who Has To Go To The Kitchen


Not unlike going to a big stadium show, you get hungry from all that rocking out, but you didn’t want to miss any action. It was hard to be the one that had to break away to make the nachos for the party, but you were that guy sometimes because someone had to do it.

     4. Getting “Even Rats” Stuck In Your Head


If you were there from the start, you know it, you love it, and people who joined in later could only pretend to know what you were talking about. This song is awesome. The Slip was the stuff.

     5. Actually Being Able To Involve The Whole Family (Look at Ben go!)

If you were a kid and wanted to hang out with the adults, or you were an adult who wanted to include your kids or your friends’ kids into a Friday night party, you could center it around guitar hero.

     6. Geeking Out Over The Arrival of Rock Band

guitar hero jack black

Guitar Hero was exciting, but Rock Band gave us all the opportunity to include even more people at the party!

     7. Really COMMITTING To Metal

Guitar Hero turned a lot of passive metalheads into active ones. Motorhead anyone?

    8. FINALLY Being Able To Play Your Favorite Song On “Expert”

Sure, it’s great to get the beginning of “Crazy On You” on easy, but to make it through the whole thing and not mess up on “Very Difficult” was a triumph of epic proportions.

    9. D-Pad Hero

This 2009 video demake is STILL fun to rock out to. All the songs are solid, as well as the visuals, but “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is absolutely considered the best of the best, objectively speaking.

10. Using "Cheats" To Get New Songs To Play



You beat all the levels, your friends unlocked literally everything, and you’re thirsting for more jams. They may be in the cloud now, but they didn’t used to be. You had to earn the glory!


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