Practice Makes Perfect!

How long should you practice your instrument each day you ask? It’s a common question that many ask professional musicians or their teachers.

Putting a time limit on practicing isn’t ideal. You should practice for however long it takes you to get through the repertoire that you are trying to master. But if you must, 10 to 15 minutes a day should be the minimum that you set aside.  Even if you can only find a few minutes during your busy day, a few minutes is better than not practicing at all!  

If you want to progress in your learning it is important to dedicate time in your schedule to practicing every day. For some children, practicing in the morning before school or before/after dinner is best. Whatever time of the day, it is important to be committed and dedicated to keeping routine throughout the week. It may be hard on the weekends, but it's better to practice for as long as you can or it will be harder to get back into the routine on Monday.


If you set goals for what you want to achieve by doing a practice plan or schedule will also keep you on track as you progress. It is important to set both short-term and long-term goals for your playing. Maybe it’s knowing that you have a recital or a competition coming up will help you devise a plan and stay committed to practicing, knowing you have to be prepared for your performance. So remember:

  • Practice everyday!

  • Set aside a minimum of 10-15 minutes daily

  • Pick a time during the day that you will dedicate to practicing during the week ex. before school

  • Devise a practice schedule to keep you on track

Practice Makes Perfect. Practice Music Easily Using Singspiel.

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