3 Surprising Benefits of a Music Education

There are lots of reasons why you have chosen to learn to play music - maybe you hope to continue studying music in university, perform in a large concert, or maybe you just want to be able to play the songs you love. The moment when you finally accomplish this goal will be an incredibly fulfilling part of your life, and is definitely one of the biggest things you will take away from your music education. However, there're several other benefits to a music education that you will receive without even being aware of them. Here we've listed three of the benefits that you are likely gain from your piano lessons that you probably weren't expecting:

1. Improved Language Skills

When you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between communicating through language and communicating through music! Both forms of communication require you to express emotion, follow certain guidelines, recognize rhythm, and respond to cues from others involved in the ‘conversation’. Once you realize all the similarities, it isn’t so surprising that many of the same brain areas are involved in both language and music processing! This means that when you are working on your music skills, you are unconsciously also putting effort into your language skills, improving both your musical language and your spoken language(s) at the same time.

2. Improved Social Skills

Music opens an enormous number of social opportunities. As a pianist you will have the option to explore a number of different social situations. Your music knowledge can help you build bridges with non-musicians in the form of lessons (whether formal or informal), greatly improving your communication skills. Professionally, having musical skill can lead to a number of different job offers that will teach you how to advocate for yourself in business situations. Lastly, having a music background means that you will always have something to talk about when you find yourself chatting with another musician – forging friendships has never been easier!

3. Improved Academic Skills

Academic achievement is about a lot more than intelligence. While music lessons do help to increase brain development in young children, the skills that learning the piano teaches are perhaps even more important. Learning an instrument helps both children and adults to master skills that are very important in academic settings. These skills include discipline, focus, determination, and self-confidence.

Even if you are not currently an academic student, the benefits are largely the same. Your piano training has given you the tools that you need to break down any problem into approachable steps, and has helped you to figure out the learning strategies that work (or don’t work!) for you.

Learning the piano should be done for the reasons that inspire you, but it is always nice to know what other talents and skills that you are picking up along the way! Because piano is an instrument that deals with so many different aspects of learning, memory, and performance the benefits to a musical education are truly endless!


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