3 Ways to Inspire Practicing Music

We’ve all been there – it’s been a long day at work or school and you are beyond exhausted, but your piano is sitting and staring at you from across the room. Taking the time to practice each day is a very important part of building your skills as a pianist, but there are always days when it can be difficult to focus on building your technique and repertoire. Next time you find yourself without motivation to practice, try these three handy tips and tricks!

1. Set a Timer

Sometimes the reason that a piano practice can seem so daunting is because it can feel like an endless task – there is always something else to be worked on, and always another piece to learn. Giving yourself a time limit (perhaps thirty or forty-five minutes) can help you to get started on your daily practice. It feels a lot easier to start a task when you know that the end is only thirty short minutes away. Not to mention you might even get swept away in your practice and find that you keep going even after the timer has sounded!

2. Make a Chart

Sure, sticker charts can seem a little childish sometimes. However, it is amazing what having visual representation of a goal that you are trying to stick to can accomplish! There is something satisfying about checking off a day on the calendar and making a ‘streak’ of days when you have completed a full practice. You will find that you will want to ‘keep the streak going’ on days when you might be lacking in other forms of motivation, and the fun of seeing your dedication marked on a calendar or chart will remind you that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

3. Get Inspired

Sometimes it is easy to forget about why you are spending your time learning to play the piano. If you are finding yourself without any motivation to practice, try listening to concert versions of the songs that you are working on. Listening to great pianists perform these pieces fully might be the inspiration you need to get focused and get practicing!

While these three tips may not work every time you need some inspiration to get your practicing done, they should greatly increase how often you practice! And hey, sometimes there are days when you just need to take a break – and that’s okay too! Go spend some time re-charging so that your next practice session is even more effective.

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