Digital Learning Brings Music To Your Fingertips

At Singspiel, we aim to take music learning to a new level on a digital platform such as the iPad, and make music education a fun, learning experience for all.

The accessibility and availability to learn through an iPad can encourage busy parents, or their child, that learning music is not out of reach. The stress of finding a music/piano teacher and trying to find a lesson time that fits within the already hectic schedule of school, dance lessons, hockey and soccer can be eliminated through digital learning. When you’re driving in the car on the way to school or to hockey practice, parents can bring the iPad along to keep the children occupied with learning en route. Parents can even take lessons for themselves while watching the hockey practice take place!

Making learning music like a game can be fun and rewarding, and attract students to engage with the material to help them learn. Music theory can be boring or difficult for some. By making it a game with levels and rewards to work through, students will be more willing to learn the material through a new and engaging way.

Digital learning skills can be easily transferred to practical skills with music. If you are learning a song on the iPad with a digital piano keyboard, playing on a real piano will be exactly the same. The only difference will be the feeling the touch of the screen compared to the weight of the piano keys under your fingers. Learning music theory in a fun and interactive way will also transfer to your development when reading music and playing an instrument at the same time.  

The possibilities are endless, so why not get learning today!

Begin Your Musical Journey Today

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