Five Celebrities You Didn't Know Play Piano

Many famous celebrities also actively play the piano. While many folks grew up taking piano lessons and stopped playing or performing, these famous figures make time to perform and incorporate their love of piano into their work. Learn how these stars have shared their passion for piano with the world, and you might get hooked too!

1. Clint Eastwood

While most people know Clint Eastwood as the actor and director behind masterpieces such as Dirty Harry, The Man With No Name trilogy, and Gran Torino, he is also an accomplished piano composer and loves jazz. Eastwood’s special attention to the musical direction of his films often features his own compositions. You can listen to his appearance on esteemed NPR show Piano Jazz, hosted by virtuoso Marian McParland:

clint eastwood celebrity piano player.gif

2. Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is gifted classical pianist. She began taking piano lessons in early childhood and developed such passion that she aspired to be a professional concert pianist. During the Bush administration, Rice played piano at various state events for foreign dignitaries and heads of state, accompanied by other virtuoso performers, such as cellist Yo Yo Ma and Aretha Franklin. Rice continues to play publicly in a local chamber orchestra. Here she is with Jenny Oaks Baker playing Amazing Grace:

3. Richard Gere

The Sexiest Man Alive and actor in Days of Heaven, American Gigolo, and Pretty Woman is a skilled master of the ivory keys. In a famous scene from Pretty Woman, Gere plays the piano, seductively enthralling Julia Roberts. Gere not only played the piece in the film, he also composed music. Actors typically used dubbed-in piano or doubles in film, but not Gere. Watch the iconic scene from the film as well as another clip of the actor playing.

4. Sandra Bullock

Star of Miss Congeniality and Crash, Sandra Bullock has been playing piano since the age of 8. Bullock has featured her skills in several movies and TV shows, such as The Net and a recent TV appearance with Tom Hanks on the Jonathan Ross show. The duo recreated the signature giant piano scene in FAO Schwartz from Big.

5. Paris Hilton

An unlikely guess for many, socialite, sex tape star, and inventor of the catchphrase “That’s Hot”; Paris Hilton has played piano since the age of 5. Hilton released the album Paris in 2006 as her professional music debut. It features a cover of Rod Stewart’s classic “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” as well as samples of iconic Franki Valli songs. Hilton produced the album and wrote most of the songs, as well as contributing to the musical composition.

paris hilton celebrity piano player.gif



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