Why Should I Learn How To Play The Piano?

You’ve probably heard many reasons why children should take music lessons. Kids receive social, psychological, cognitive, and emotional benefits from learning music from an early age.

But what about you? Should you consider learning how to play the piano? Is it too late to reap those benefits? Research and experience suggests that it's not. 

Learn to Play the Piano Because it’s a Creative Outlet

The most enduring reason that people make music is because it’s fun! Music learners enjoy the process of gradually building their skills, and gaining new ways to express themselves creatively.

Starting music lessons for the first time is the beginning of a very, very long journey - don’t expect playing ability to come quickly! However, with the right teacher or learning resources, it should be a rich and rewarding learning experience that offers many hours of enjoyment.

and Because it’s a Way to be Social and Make New Friends

Learning music can also be a great way to socialize and make new friends. Many music schools offer group lessons for adults, so even beginners can share the challenges of learning a new instrument with sympathetic peers. If there are no adult classes near you, check out the Adult Beginner’s Forum on the Piano World website - it’s a great place to get advice and share stories about your music learning adventure!

it’s also Good for Your Brain

A growing body of research tells us that learning how to play an instrument can have a profound impact on the brain. As we age, we often start to lose some of our brain functionality, but studies show that musical training helps our brains stay healthy in later life.

The benefits are most profound for people who started musical training as young children, so if you have kids, get them into music lessons! But even if you’re an adult, you can still get results. In one 2013 study[1], even 4 months of piano lessons in later life made a difference in people’s concentration, dexterity, and overall quality of life.

Researchers think that music may be special because it uses so much of your brain [2]. So even if coordinating your right hand and your left feels like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, know that your brain is getting a valuable workout!

There Are Many Reasons To Learn The Piano 

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