Singspiel reduces the practice flaws from the practice sessions at home; practice suddenly becomes more productive, your student get more done in much less time, lessons are better, and your student is then motivated to do more practice.   

All Your Students In One Place


Track all of your students from within a handy dashboard

Invite your students to use Singspiel, and track their progress using our powerful teacher dashboard. Singspiel assesses your students’ understanding as they practice and generates detailed performance reports to give you a valuable insight about your students’ abilities. 


Track Your Student's Improvements


The point of practice is to achive specific goals, not simply pass time 

Everything your students work on in Singspiel is reported back to you in real time. Quickly see detailed information about what your students’ practice habits, and find out where they’re struggling. With Singspiel, you can identify a student’s strength and pinpoint trouble spots, view improvements made over time and measure progress based on length of practice time.

Immediate Feedback For Students When They Practice 


Immediate feedback is given as your students play along with the piece

Students see feedback on timing and pitch accuracy as they practice so they don’t have to wait until the next lesson to catch and fix their mistakes. This helps eliminate practice flaws from homework; practice becomes more productive, the student gets more done in much less time, lessons are better and the student is then motivated to do more practice anyway. 

Assign Homework From Anywhere 


Keep your students engaged from anywhere

Assess your students’ progress throughout the week and assign new homework as needed. Track their progress through the week to see where your students are improving and to celebrate progress.

Start Teaching Smarter

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