Arian Rahbari
Co-founder, CEO

Jason Van
Software Engineer

Ivan Cheung
Co-founder, CTO

Igar Liubavetskiy
Software Engineer

Daniel Ly
Creative Designer

Christina Hough
Community Manager

Seyed Hosseini
R&D Engineer

Qasim Mian
Marketing Manager

Board Members


Mike Silagadze

Mike is the CEO of Top Hat. He has spent the last few years building Top Hat into a very successful edTech company.

Erik Davis

Erik is CRO of ES3, a TV apps developer. He brings to Singspiel nearly 20 years of startup sales & marketing experience.

Arian Rahbari

Arian is a Systems Engineer from UWaterloo. He handles everything on the business side of Singspiel.

Ivan Cheung

Ivan is also a Systems Engineer from UWaterloo. He takes care of everything on the product side of Singspiel.
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